Extended Program

Instructions for presenting authors

Invited speakers (confirmed)

Mowafak Al Jassim

Dr. Mowafak Al Jassim
Microscopy and Imaging Group, NREL. Colorado (USA)
Defects on CIGS
Jordi Arbiol

Prof. Jordi Arbiol
ICREA & Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), CSIC and The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST). Barcelona (Spain)
Free-standing semiconductor nanostructures: how crystal defects can modulate the final 3D morphology and properties
Matthias Bickermann

Prof. Matthias Bickermann
Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth (IKZ) & Technical University Berlin, Institute for Chemistry. Berlin (Germany)
Defects in AlN bulk crystal substrates for UV LEDs and lasers
Xu Ke
Prof. Xu Ke

Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Science. Suzhou (China)
Growth and characterization of 2~4 inch bulk GaN with low dislocation density
Saulius Marcinkevicius

Prof. Saulius Marcinkevicius
Department of Materials and Nano Physics, Royal Institute of Technlogy (KTH). Stockholm (Sweden)
Time-resolved scanning near-field optical spectroscopy: application for InGaN quantum wells
Julita Smalc-Koziorowska

Dr. Julita Smalc-Koziorowska
Institute of High Pressure Physics “Unipress”, Polish Academy of Sciences. Warsaw (Poland)
TEM characterization of nitride quantum structures and devices
Mattias Klaus Juhl

Mattias Klaus Juhl
Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering. University of New South Wales. Sydney (Australia)
PL imaging on mc Si
Osamu Ueda

Prof. Osamu Ueda
Kanazawa Institute of Technology & Graduate School of Engineering. Tokyo (Japan)
Gradual degradation in III-V and GaN-related optical devices
Xuegong Yu

Prof. Xuegong Yu
State Key Lab of Silicon Materials, Zhejiang University. Hangzhou (China)
Graphene-silicon solar cell
Enrico Zanoni

Prof. Enrico Zanoni
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione. Universita’ di Padova. Padova (Italy)
Dynamic on-resistance effects and failure mechanisms related to the epitaxial layers of GaN-on-Si power switching transistors
Leonard Brillson

Prof. Leonard Brillson
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
Defect Characterization, Imaging, and Control in Wide Band Semiconductors and Devices
Adrian Hierro

Prof. Adrian Hierro
Inst. Sistemas Optoelectrónicos y Microtecnología (ISOM), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).
Using MIS structures to probe bulk traps: the case of ZnO
Matthew Phillips

Prof. Matthew Phillips
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Defect induced luminescence in hydrogen doped ZnO