Map of Valladolid
We’ve highlighted interesting places in Valladolid for you.

City Transport
Here you will find everything you need to know to move around Valladolid.

What to do
Here are both the most famous tourist attractions as well as other less known places.
Map of Valladolid

Below you can find a detailed map of Valladolid city. Click on any section to see a magnified version of the map with the street names, you’ll also see where the important tourist attractions are based.

City Transport

This page gives you an overview of the Valladolid transport system. For more detailed information on any aspect of the transport system see our related links at the foot of this page. You have four main ways to travel around the city.

Taxis are an affordable alternative to public transport. A 10 minutes ride will only cost about €5.00. Licensed Taxis have to charge you the fare displayed on the meter.

There’s also a clean and efficient bus service that serves Valladolid centre. To get more information on this service visit any tourist information centre for further details.

Surprisingly Valladolid public transport system is not necessarily the best way to get around! Why? Because the city centre is not as big as you may think.
You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is.
What to do

We will help you find the right type of Valladolid tour to meet your needs. You will find links where you can make secure online bookings for tours & day trips of your choice and even print your tickets out before you arrive.

Valladolid Sculpture Museum